1997-1998 Season

1997-1998 was a less eventful, building year for NKE.  Many exciting things were in preparation that year, but most of them would not come to fruition for some time. A national conference was in the planning stages for Seattle, and preparations for the eventful 1998-1999 year was also underway.  Meanwhile, the only workshop of 1997-1998 was an exciting one; Jill Trinka was coming to town!

Board members were Lynn Rupp, president; Kelly Webb-Bamford, past-president; Ann Erickson, in her 5th year as secretary; Sheila Whalen, membership.  Adrienne Sabo began the year as treasurer and served until Christopher Roberts took over in January 1998.

March 6 and 7, 1998: Jill Trinka

trinkaphoto“Making Folk Music Come Alive”
Meridian park Elementary School; Shoreline, WA

Friday – Join Hands Round to Sing and Dance (from the NKE announcement)
You won’t want to miss this “put on yer dancin’ shoes and kick up yer heels after a long week” session for everyone.  Primarily a “just for fun” evening of singing games, play parties, contra-dances and big circle dances.  Repertoire will serve as the cornerstone for discussion in the Saturday morning session.

Saturday – Make Folk Music Come Alive (And get more mileage out of it, too!)
Using folk music for grades K-5, participants will learn about performance characteristics of traditional singers and how to apply this to selected repertoire for use in the classroom.  The focus of the afternoon session will be on how to get more mileage out of song repertoire.

Dr. Jill Trinka is an educator, clinician, preformer, and lecturer in musicianship,
pedagogy and folk music performance, analysis and research.  She plays guitar, dulcimer, autoharp and banjo, and has recorded four volumes of Folksong, Singing Games, and play Parties.  She has a BS in music education from the University of Illinois and a Ph.D. in music education from the University of Texas at Austin.  She received her Kodaly Certificate from the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary. [1998]

(from Northwest Passages NKE newsletter, June 1998) “American Play Parties and Contra Dances and a Few Songs, Too” was the topic of Dr. Jill Trinka’s presentation Friday, March 6th at Meridian Park School in Shoreline.  Fourty-seven participants sang and danced the evening away between discussions of the pedagogical uses of Great Big House, how to teach a first contra dance, and just what are the best resources for which folk song.  […] We of NKE are excited that Dr. Trinka will be OAKE’s president in the year 2000 when Seattle and NKE will be sponsoring Conference 2000.

The Saturday session was in four parts:

  • Experiencing Folk Songs and Singing Games- lots more dancing
  • Understanding Folk Songs and Singing Games- a detailed discussion of the nature of folk music: variation in, the authenticity of, and the characteristics of excellence in folk music performance
  • Using Folk Songs in the Music Classroom
  • Folk Music Resources: record publishers/companies and folk instrument companies

It was an honor to have Jill Trinka with us for the weekend; what a fine teacher, musician and singer, and an invaluable resource for all music educators.

(compiled by Chris Stroh)

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