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1995-1996 Season

NKE saw significant growth in 1995 and 1996.  For example, NKE’s first workshop led by a major out-of-state presenter was in early 1996, led by the Folk Dance Master teacher, Sanna Longden.  1995 was also the year that the newsletter, Northwest Passages, began distribution and the now-familiar format of four workshops per year was adopted.

In August of 1995, Kelly Webb-Bamford took over as the second President of NKE.  The rest of the NKE board for 1995-1996 remained stable with past-president Christopher Maddock, Secretary Ann Erickson, and Treasurer Theresa Simons

November 17 & 18, 1995: “Teaching to the National Standards of Music Education”

Workshop led by Kelly Foster-Griffin, Christopher Maddock, Theresa Simons & Kelly Webb-Bamford.

February 9 & 10, 1996: “Multicultural Movement and Dance” with Sanna Longden

Hazel Valley Elementary, Burien, WA

Sanna_Longden_1One of the most enjoyable ways to understand the world’s diverse people is to move to their music “in their own boots, sandals, and moccasins”. Participants will learn teaching strategies and folk dances from around the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, The Middle East, The British Isles, multinational dances of the Jewish people, and all of the Americas.  In addition, they will learn dances that demonstrate musical elements, and explore ways to integrate folk dances with basic curriculum (literature, social studies, and even math!).

Sanna Longden
is a folk dance teacher and performer from Evanston, Illinois.  Since 1964, Sanna has been a member of performing ensembles, including the Brown University Folk Dancers,; International Dancers, Balkanske Igre, and Kiniszi Hungarian Dancers in Chicago; and Zivio of Salt Lake City with whom she toured macedonia and hungary.  She is a member of the Chicago Kodaly and Orff chapters, and has given sessions at the 1995 OAKE national conference as well as seven AOSA national conferences.  Currently, she is writing a book entitled, “Folk Dancing with Style” with Phyllis Weikart, to be published by High/Scope Press.

March 9, 1996: A one day workshop with John Langstaff, co-sponsored with Puget Sound Revels and Seattle Public Schools.  Ingraham high School, Seattle, WA. I wish I had been there, or at least that I knew more about this workshop!


March 29 & 30, 1996 – “World Musics: Listening and making Music”

Cathedral Place Hall, St. James Cathedral, Seattle, WA.

Musics of the world’s cultures are all around us.  We hear examples of these musics on radio, TV, cassettes, and videos.  We can perform and improvise with them; we can also experiment with options to vary our interactive listening experiences.  So, let’s get together, listen, play, sing, see and move as we travel around the world this weekend.  As an aside, we can clarify some perspectives of these musics, why we are using them in our teaching, and how to help our students become more musically confident in a global setting.  If you want, bring a percussion instrument with you.

Dr. Barbara Lundquist is a music teacher from the Seattle area who has taught at all levels.  She returned last May from teaching introductory and performance courses in world musics on a trip around the world on the S.S. Universe, the University of Pittsburgh’s Semester at Sea.  She is currently teaching a class at U.W. on Ethnomusicology in the Schools, writing an invited article for the Bulletin of the Council of Research on Music Education and for the Black Music Research journal.  She is also working with the ISME Advisory Panel on Musics of the World’s Cultures on a world musics source book for educators.

Missing documents: (do you have a copy?)

  • Advertisement from the November workshop
  • Advertisement from the March John Langstaff workshop
  • Portrait of Christopher Maddock

1994-1995 Season

1994-1995 was the second year after local OAKE members restarted the Seattle chapter, NKE.  Christopher Maddock, chapter president, led the group in expanding the calendar to present three separate workshops, two of which were two days long each.  The board found highly trained and skilled local talent to present.  Attendees could attend these workshops for the bargain price of $20 a ticket for NKE members, except for the Sharing workshop which was only $10.

The NKE board remained unchanged from the previous year.

Rita KlingerNovember 17 & 18, 1994: “Planning for Success” – A Kodaly Sampler
Moorlands Elementary, Bothell, WA

A chance to experience the various musical aspects which comprise what is known as the Kodaly concept of music education.  Participants will sing, dance, and play children’s songs and games that can be used as a pathway to musical literacy.  Explore the tools that aid in the development of skill for musical understanding.  Participants will experience and analyze sample lesson plans that typify Kodaly pedagogy.

About the presenter (from 1994): Rita Klinger is adjunct faculty and director of the Summer Kodaly Institute at holy Names College, Oakland, where she taught Kodaly-based pedagogy and solfege.  Rita is currently a candidate for the PhD in Music Education at the University of Washington.  She holds a bachelors in Music Education from the Hartt School of Music and a Master of Music Education with Kodaly Emphasis from holy names College.  She has taught music to students from preschool through college.  In much demand as a clinician, Rita has presented master classes at numerous educational conferences throughout the U.S. and abroad.

February 11, 1995: A Midwinter Sharing
The Stein School, Edmonds, WA

For the second ‘Midwinter Sharing’, NKE had an impressive lineup for their half-day event.  According to an advertisment letter sent out by president Christopher Maddock in January, the presenters were Jim Taylor, Ann Erickson, Mary Bakeman, Susan Seneft, Janice Martinelli, Eva Myers, Laurel Lisez, and Rita Klinger.

PatriciaCampbellApril 7 & 8, 1995: “More Than One Musical Tongue”
presented by Patricia Shehan Campbell
Hazel Valley Elementary, Burien, WA

The workshop is directed toward the introduction of “new” (to us) materials for use in bringing musical skills and knowledge to children.  Songs from various prominent American cultural groups, and from an assortment of world regions, will be explored as resources for the continued development of children’s voices, their melodic and rhythmic perceptions and performance skills, and their sense of how music “works”.  Traditional/folk dances, several percussion pieces and a few “listening only” experiences will be featured as well.  Performance experiences will lean toward the production of authentic musical qualities, in order to lead children toward the development of an understanding of more than one musical mother-tongues.

About the presenter: Patricia Shehan Campbell is professor of music at the University of Washington.  She is a consultant on music in early and middle childhood, multicultural/world music education, and Dalcroze (eurhythmics improvisation and solfege).  She has lectured and published widely, and has author or coauthored seven books including Lessons from the world, Roots and Branches, and Music in Childhood.  Campbell is chair of the Society for Ethnomusicology’s Education Committee, and board member of the International Society for Music Education, the College Music Society, and the Journal of Research in Music Education.

(adapted by Chris Stroh from the NKE mailers from 1994-1995.)

1993-1994 Season

In 1993, Seattle’s chapter of The Organization of American Kodaly Educators (OAKE) was reactivated at a meeting in November after several years of dormancy.  Several People, including Christopher Maddock, Lauren Abernathy and Kelly Foster Griffin, put in tons of work to get NKE off the ground again.  Here are the workshops from that year:

November 15, 1993: Reactivation Meeting

Several active OAKE members met in November at Sacred Heart School in Bellevue and decided to reactivate the previously dormant chapter.  Officers were elected, and their terms of service agreed upon.  Lauren Abernathy and Jim Taylor provided a brief account of the chapter’s history.  A workshop was planned, then the meeting was concluded with canon singing and refreshments.

Here are the results of the officer elections:  Christopher Maddock was elected President, Kelly Webb-Bamford was elected President-Elect, Ann Erickson was elected Secretary, and Theresa Simons was elected Treasurer.

February 12, 1994: “A Midwinter Sharing”

NKE held a workshop entitled a “Midwinter Sharing” at Meridian Park Elementary North Seattle (listed as Meridian Point Elementary).  Ann Erickson hosted this event which attracted almost 30 enthusiastic participants.  Membership rose to 17 at this workshop.  A variety of activities included many singing games, a sample strategy for teaching early rhythmic elements with a discussion following on how the method worked, part-work exercises at all levels, intonation techniques for choirs, a preview of Jim Taylor’s video demonstration of a high school Kodaly music class and a brief discussion of the philosophies and characteristics of the Kodaly Movement.

(adapted by Chris Stroh from the NKE Annual Report 1993-1994, by Christopher Maddock)