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1994-1995 Season

1994-1995 was the second year after local OAKE members restarted the Seattle chapter, NKE.  Christopher Maddock, chapter president, led the group in expanding the calendar to present three separate workshops, two of which were two days long each.  The board found highly trained and skilled local talent to present.  Attendees could attend these workshops for the bargain price of $20 a ticket for NKE members, except for the Sharing workshop which was only $10.

The NKE board remained unchanged from the previous year.

Rita KlingerNovember 17 & 18, 1994: “Planning for Success” – A Kodaly Sampler
Moorlands Elementary, Bothell, WA

A chance to experience the various musical aspects which comprise what is known as the Kodaly concept of music education.  Participants will sing, dance, and play children’s songs and games that can be used as a pathway to musical literacy.  Explore the tools that aid in the development of skill for musical understanding.  Participants will experience and analyze sample lesson plans that typify Kodaly pedagogy.

About the presenter (from 1994): Rita Klinger is adjunct faculty and director of the Summer Kodaly Institute at holy Names College, Oakland, where she taught Kodaly-based pedagogy and solfege.  Rita is currently a candidate for the PhD in Music Education at the University of Washington.  She holds a bachelors in Music Education from the Hartt School of Music and a Master of Music Education with Kodaly Emphasis from holy names College.  She has taught music to students from preschool through college.  In much demand as a clinician, Rita has presented master classes at numerous educational conferences throughout the U.S. and abroad.

February 11, 1995: A Midwinter Sharing
The Stein School, Edmonds, WA

For the second ‘Midwinter Sharing’, NKE had an impressive lineup for their half-day event.  According to an advertisment letter sent out by president Christopher Maddock in January, the presenters were Jim Taylor, Ann Erickson, Mary Bakeman, Susan Seneft, Janice Martinelli, Eva Myers, Laurel Lisez, and Rita Klinger.

PatriciaCampbellApril 7 & 8, 1995: “More Than One Musical Tongue”
presented by Patricia Shehan Campbell
Hazel Valley Elementary, Burien, WA

The workshop is directed toward the introduction of “new” (to us) materials for use in bringing musical skills and knowledge to children.  Songs from various prominent American cultural groups, and from an assortment of world regions, will be explored as resources for the continued development of children’s voices, their melodic and rhythmic perceptions and performance skills, and their sense of how music “works”.  Traditional/folk dances, several percussion pieces and a few “listening only” experiences will be featured as well.  Performance experiences will lean toward the production of authentic musical qualities, in order to lead children toward the development of an understanding of more than one musical mother-tongues.

About the presenter: Patricia Shehan Campbell is professor of music at the University of Washington.  She is a consultant on music in early and middle childhood, multicultural/world music education, and Dalcroze (eurhythmics improvisation and solfege).  She has lectured and published widely, and has author or coauthored seven books including Lessons from the world, Roots and Branches, and Music in Childhood.  Campbell is chair of the Society for Ethnomusicology’s Education Committee, and board member of the International Society for Music Education, the College Music Society, and the Journal of Research in Music Education.

(adapted by Chris Stroh from the NKE mailers from 1994-1995.)